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Variable displacement vane pump 02-PSP3-80-FHRM


Product specifications

Pressure control: 
Manual pressure control (Standard)
86 cm3
Max. pressure: 
150 bar
Flow at 1450 rpm: 
125 l/min

Note: PSP is being replaced by PHP

Characteristics Hydraulic vane pumps are very quiet (low noise), providing a constant yield (little pulsation)
Noise 63 - 72 dB(A)
Setting range pressure 30 - 150 bar
Max.pressure drain port 1 bar
Inlet pressure 0.8 - 1.5 bar
Speed 800 - 1800 rpm
Rotation direction CW
Loads on drive shaft Axial or radial loads are not allowed
Max. torque on primary shaft 740 Nm
Viscositeitsrange 22 - 68 (cST, mm2/s)
Max. viscosity in starting operation 400 cSt
Sealing Rubber (NBR)
Inlet port Ø 51 mm
Outlet port Ø 32 mm
Drain port 3/4" GAS (BSP)
Connection for multiple pumps No
Slagvolume (Rev) 86,2 cm3
Ø Flange 160 mm
Ø Shaft 40 mm
Pressure control Manual pressure control (Standard)
Size 3
Displacement 86 cm3
Max. pressure 150 bar
Flow at 1450 rpm 125 l/min
Internal code 02PSP380