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Throttle FT-280/5-12


Product specifications

Cetop 3 - NG6
Max. flow: 
83 lpm
Control in line: 
Flow rate regulation: 
9 turns
Plastic knob

Non compensated flow regulator with build-in check valve Cetop 3 - NG6. This regulator works in one direction. Adjustment is obtained with a hand knob what van be locked with a grub screw.

Description 250 bar
Fluid viscosity -20° / 130°C
Ambient temperature Flow regulator with buid-in check valve
Version Effective metallic sealing, flow linearity during opening, accurate flow control for a wide range of flow rates.
Characteristics Cetop 3 - NG6
Standard 83 lpm
Max. flow A
Control in line 9 turns
Flow rate regulation Plastic knob