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High / low pressure valve VEP-114


Product specifications

Max. flow: 
250 l/min
Max. working pressure: 
210 bar
Low pressure: 
50 bar
High pressure: 
220 bar

High-low valves are usually used in hydraulic systems with a tandem pump. By means of the two adjustable pressure relays, it is possible to adjust both pumps to a different pressure.

Material aluminium
Fluid temperature 40 °C (46 cSt)
Connections 1 1/2" (BSP)
Ambient temperature -25 - +90 °C (rubber seal)
Port 1 (AP/P1) 3/4" (BSP)
Port 2 (BP/P2) 1 1/4" (BSP)
Max. flow 250 l/min
Max. working pressure 210 bar
Low pressure 50 bar
High pressure 220 bar