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Gear pump ELIKA® 11.4cc - ELI-2S11.4-T0-D-N (low noise)


Product specifications

european 4-hole
conical-shaft 1:8
11,4 cm3/rev
Flow at 1500 Rpm: 
17,1 l/min
Max. torque shaft bolt 50±4 Nm
Medium hydraulic oil
Viscosity range (Cst) allowed 6-500 recommended 10-100 start-up
Temperature range -10⁰C +80⁰C
Pressure continuous 280 bar
Peak operating pressure 295 bar
Peak pressure 310 bar
Max inlet pressure 0,7 - 3 bar
Min. Revs 300 rpm
Max. revs 4000 rpm
Volume efficiency 97% between 1000 - 2000 rpm
Shaft thread M12x1,5
Shaft length 35 mm
Shaft length inc. fitting edge 40 mm
Height fitting edge 5 mm
Dia. fitting edge 36,5 mm
Center inlet - front 51,8 mm
Front - back excl. fitting edge 103.5 mm
Thread mounting bolt sunction side M6
Pitch bolts sunction side 40 mm
Thread mounting bolts M6
Pitch bolts press side 35 mm
Dia. mounting holes front flange 9 mm
Pitch mounting holes front flange 71,5 mm x 96 mm
Key width 4 mm
Material front and back cover Aluminium
Material housing Aluminium
Material seal NBR
Material gears hardened steel
Sound level low 48dBa/1500rpm & 55dBa/P1
Max. torque shaft 145 Nm
Flange european 4-hole
shaft-Type conical-shaft 1:8
Connection DIN
Rotation ccw
Displacement 11,4 cm3/rev
Flow at 1500 Rpm 17,1 l/min