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Gear pump ALP-2AD10


Product specifications

7 cc (group 2)
Pump type: 
Flow at 1500 rpm: 
10 l/min
Straight shaft with 3,97 mm key
Ø Fitting edge: 
82,55 mm


If you are looking for a Multiple gear pump, please contact the Sales department.

Group 2
Medium Hydraulic oil
Viscosity (cSt) Allowed 6-500, recommended 10-100, start
Working temperature pump -10⁰C +80⁰C
Pressure (continue) 250 bar
Max. pressure (intermittent) 270 bar
Max. peak pressure 290 bar
Inlet pressure 0,7 - 3 bar
RPM (maximum) 4000 rpm
RPM (minimal) 800 rpm
Efficiency 93% between 1000 - 2000rpm
Ø Axe 15.88 mm
Shaft length (incl. fitting edge) 32 mm
Ø Fitting edge 82,55 mm
Ports UNF-ports
Thread inlet 1 1/16-12 UNF
Thread outlet 7/8-14 UNF
Ø Mounting hole flange voorflange 11,1 mm
Flange SAE A version 2-holes mounting
Material housing Aluminium
Sealing NBR
Material gears Special hardened steel
Shaft load 1 (max. torq) 140 Nm
Displacement/group 7 cc (group 2)
Pump type ALP
Direction CW
Flow at 1500 rpm 10 l/min
Shaft-type Straight shaft with 3,97 mm key
Ø Fitting edge 82,55 mm
Datasheets Zie datasheet(s) voor meer productinformatie (indien aanwezig)