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Front section GHP-A2AD12-S1-E


Product specifications

SAE A version, 2-hole mounting, Ø 82,55 mm
Axle type: 
spline-shaft SAE 9T 16/32-30
standard european port
Turning direction: 
Build type front pump
Medium hydraulic oil
Viscosity range (Cst) allowed 6-500 recommended 10-100 start-up
Temperature range -10⁰C +80⁰C
Inlet pressure 0,7 - 3 bar
Max. revs 4000 rpm
Min. revs 600 rpm
Volume efficiency 93% between 1000 - 2000rpm
Shaft diameter 15.88 mm
Shaft length 25.6 mm
Shaft length inc. fitting edge 32 mm
Height fitting edge 6.4 mm
Dia. fitting edge 82.55 mm
Thread mounting bolt sunction side M8
Size bolts sunction side 40 mm
Thread bolt press side M8
Size bolts press side 40 mm
Dia. mounting hole front 11.1 mm
Size mounting holes front 106.4 mm
Material front and back cast iron
Material housing aluminium
Material seal rubber
Material gears special hardened steel
bearings yes
Shaft load 1 (Max. torq) 185 Nm
Flange SAE A version, 2-hole mounting, Ø 82,55 mm
Shaft type spline-shaft SAE 9T 16/32-30
Connection standard european port
Rotation cw