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Double acting cylinder 115/100X60 stroke 1000


Product specifications

Cylinder type: 
Cylinder, without assembly parts
Ø Bore (AL): 
100 mm
Ø Rod (S): 
60 mm
Stroke (K): 
1000 mm


Spare parts

Outside diameter cylinder (D) 115 mm
Ø Bore (AL) 100 mm
Ø Rod (S) 60 mm
Stroke (K) 1000 mm
Length (Z) 1210 mm
Oil connection (E) 1/2" BSP
Tube material staal DIN2393 - ISO H9
Rod material staal UNI C45
Chrome thickness 25 Micron +/- 5
Max. pressure 250 bar
Max. speed 0,5 m/s
Working temperature -25° tot +80°C
Series YDK
L 82 mm
L1 38 mm
Cylinder type Cylinder, without assembly parts
Internal code YDK10601000