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Axial piston pump AR16-F-R-G-C-*-K-40


Product specifications

Max. displacement: 
15,8 cm3/rev
Max. working pressure: 
160 bar
Shaft model: 
Ø 19,05 mm
Control type: 
Pressure compensated
Pressure adjustment range 12-210 bar
Press-connection RC 1/2"
Suction-connection RC 3/4"
Drain-connection 3/8" BSPP
Max. speed 1800 rpm
Min. speed 500 rpm
Diameter pump face 82,55 mm
Key width 4,76 x 25 mm
Max. displacement 15,8 cm3/rev
Max. working pressure 160 bar
Rotation CW
Shaft model Ø 19,05 mm
Control type Pressure compensated