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Air/oil cooler SS240-03-A


Product specifications

Max. flow: 
80 l/min
400 V
538 mm
223 mm
514 mm
Fan diameter 400 mm
Temperature switch connection G 1/2"
Protection class IP44
Speed 1450/1690 rpm
Noise level 71 dB
Capacity 2,6 lt
Max. air flow 4000 m3/h
Max. temperature 120 °C
Nom. pressure 25 bar
Body material aluminium
Number of fans 1
Dimensions of mounting holes 9 x 13 mm, 4x
Distance mounting holes (height) 489 mm
Distance mounting holes (width) 398 mm
Incl. footrests yes
Max flow 80 l/min
Voltage 400 V
Length 538 mm
Width 223 mm
Height 514 mm