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3 Section hand-operated directional valve BM 70/3-GU-B1-A1-A1


Product specifications

Number of sections: 
Maximum flow: 
80 l/min
Flow regulator: 


Number of levels 3
Control All sections hand operated, feather return
Circuit Parallel
Nominal flow 70 l/min
Nominal pressure 250 bar
Maximum pressure 320 bar
Max. return pressure 80 bar
Dimensions See datasheet
Thread A-B 1/2" BSP
Thread P 1/2" BSP
Thread P2 3/4" BSP
Thread T 1/2" BSP
Thread T2 3/4" BSP
Internal oil leakage (A – B → T) 4 ÷ 8 cc/min
Remarks Open center, prepared for carry over plug & plug for closed center position, pressure relief valve setting range 90 to 230 bar
Number of sections 3
Maximum flow 80 l/min
Flow regulator No
Internal code BM 70/301
Datasheets For accessories, parts and options see the datasheet (s)